Do Men Get Pedicures? Everything You Need to Know

Getting your manicures and pedicures done sure is thought like a girly thing. But why should girls have all the fun? Men also get pedicures done, and this is so normal because everyone needs to take care of their feet no matter if you are a man or a woman. But sometimes, if men are afraid of being judged, they get their own best home pedicure kit for their foot care.

Men who like to keep their feet healthy and diseases free are always one step ahead as they keep their next appointment scheduled to get their feet done. Pedicures are not all about the nail paints and applying cute vibrant colors on your feet, though if men fancy it, they can get it done. But most men want their feet to be dirt free and enjoy getting their feet buffed also.

Do Men Get Pedicures?

Four benefits of getting a pedicure done

  1. Properly trimmed and healthy nails: Sometimes, people get ingrown toenails, and they are not easy to trim by people who are not professionals. By getting pedicures done, you keep the risk of ingrown toenails at bay, and with that, you don’t need to experience any pain. With a pedicure, the dead skin on your cuticles is also trimmed, which removes all the dirt and gunk. 
  2. Smooth skin: When your feet are all scrubbed and appropriately buffed, you see the immediate effect of the pedicure. After a pedicure, your feet give a soft feel when touched and are adequately moisturized, which keeps the cracks, itchiness, or any yellow side patches away from your feet.
  3. Say good-bye to stinky feet: when all the dead skin and gunk are far gone, your feet feel healthier, and they shine their natural shine. The lack of dirt and dust on your feet keeps the foul odor and bacteria away, which in turn gets us good-smelling feet. The solution that we soak our feet in is also infused with essential oils and scents or our choice, which also gives our feet a good and misty fragrance.
  4. Increases the blood flow and circulation: another pedicure benefit is that by massaging, the flow of blood increases in the feet, which keeps blood circulation going, and there is less pain in your feet with regular massage. With improved blood circulation, there would be a fresh feeling in your whole body. Our body is going places with our feet’ help, so when our feet feel fit, the body stays well.

Why investing in the best home men pedicures kit is worth it?

Do Men Get Pedicures?

  • When you have a best home pedicure kit with you, you can buff your feet anytime you feel like your feet need some love.
  • It saves a lot of money. You don’t have to go and pay for your pedicure at salons because sometimes it can get really costly, and having such expenses every month or two starts to seem like a burden.
  • It can save a lot of time also. Now that you don’t need to go to any salon for getting your pedicure done, you also don’t need to wait in queue for your turn. Waiting in a salon can get really tiring. You get tired because you took a lot of time out of your schedule, and your time is now being wasted by waiting for your turn. Now, even if you had an appointment, you don’t have to travel to a place and then come back.
  • Safety is also the main concern these days; you can call up someone to do your feet and ask them to use your best home pedicure kit so that you are using the products that were intended for you and the best ones that you trust.

What are the basic products that men need to keep in your best home pedicures kit?

  1. Toenail clippers: Your pedicure kit can’t even start without a nail clipper. The very first thing we do to make our feet look good is to trim the grown nail. There are so many types of nail clippers; look for the one which is made of stainless steel so that it won’t attract rust and stays good as new all the time even after years.
  2. An electric callus remover: Every man needs to have this product but also needs to be careful with it. This is an electric device that helps you to remove all the dead skin that builds up on your feet. You need to slide away near the callus gently, and you will see the dead skin fall off like powder.
  3. An excellent foot scrub: After soaking your feet for some time in hot water or in the foot exfoliating solution, you should use a good quality scrub. A scrub will help you exfoliate the feet in a good way because the feet were soaked, and the callus got soft because of the hot water. This can, in turn, help in better results.
  4. Deep moisture cream: After scrubbing your feet, you can feel how soft they are now. Then it would help if you patted dry them; after drying them, you should use a refreshing and nourishing moisturizer. The moisturizer will make your feet look healthy and will always remain soft.
  5. Body powder: People who sweat a lot are more prone to infections due to it like rashes. Applying body powder between your toes will keep them dry and nice, which will refrain from the risk of any fungus infections.

Wrap up

All these things are easily available on online websites. You can search for them, and you will be able to see various products that are good for different skin types. Select the one suitable product for you, and you can look for that product on different to get that product for the best price possible. When you buy a product on an online website, you get the original product, and that is what we want so that we get the worth of our money.

Keeping up with your feet care is essential no matter if you are a man or woman because happy feet lead to happy you.

Some Causes and Treatments of Damaged Hair Follicles Symptoms

A particular kind of blocked hair roots is associated with androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. The very first cause of these faulty roots is an excess of testosterone in the blood. When there is excessive of this hormonal agent, the excess converts to DHT. The DHT acts upon the hair follicles to restrict the tissues. In essence, the hair of hair in the hair follicle is suffocated. This constraint triggers the hair to end up being thinner or have a smaller sized size. Ultimately it falls out and is not changed.

Similar to the conditions that trigger acne break outs, increased sebum levels in the roots can trigger them to end up being blocked with oil, dead cells and often dirt. Due to the fact that of the swelling and inflammation that can be related to infection in the hair follicle, the hair of hair is squeezed. Regular development is difficult; the tightness ultimately triggers the total suffocation of the hair.

Damaged Hair Follicles Symptoms

Flaking skin and sebum

Flaking skin and sebum can develop in the roots. When exposed to air, the mix solidifies and ends up being tough to eliminate. It is necessary to keep the scalp tidy. Utilizing hair shampoos or organic treatments that liquify oil while getting rid of dead cells will enhance the total condition of the scalp and roots. When the roots aren’t obstructed, the hairs can grow usually without being compressed or starved for nutrients.

Testosterone hormonal agent

Another factor for stopped up roots is an oversupply of testosterone hormonal agent. When excessive of this male hormonal agent is produced into the system, the excess is transformed to a hormonal agent referred to as DHT. DHT restricts the tissues of the scalp. This very first minimizes the size of the private hairs and after that triggers them to fall out. Because development cycles have to do with 6 months in length, even the fastest treatment when thinning is determined will need time for enhancement to be kept in mind. Check out the best shampoo for folliculitis.


Utilizing hair shampoos that assist to liquify the accumulation of DHT is one method to keep healthy scalp and hair follicles. At the very same time hair shampoos and conditioners or perhaps gels that are based upon chemical parts must be prevented. Chemicals are difficult to eliminate from the scalp. The chemicals end up being caught on the scalp and respond to the oils. When the DHT is liquified or limited, the development of hairs ends up being enhanced.

Wherever possible, deal with blocked hair roots with hair shampoo and other care items that have natural components. Jojoba, aloe vera and handbook stimulation of the scalp gets blood flow going. This reinforces the hair follicle and promotes healthy development.

How to Deal With Clogged Hair Follicles Naturally?

Natural items have actually been utilized for countless years as solutions for whatever from toothaches to losing hair. Clogged up hair roots are among the leading factors that hair falls out or bald spots are seen in males and females alike.

Stopped up hair roots end up being swallowed up by sebum, or oils that end up being sticky while on the scalp. When obstructed hair then end up being surrounded by the excretions of the sebaceous glands, and they are oxygen and nutrient denied.

Without the oxygen and minerals needed for development and stimulation, stopped up hair roots gradually pass away off and fall out.

Dealing with stopped up hair roots naturally is as easy as taking a look at the active ingredients on nonprescription treatments for the hair loss. Discover and utilize just FDA authorized options like minoxidil with natural minerals and vitamins to re-energize your hair and scalp.

Damaged Hair Follicles Symptoms

Clean the scalp

When dealing with blocked hair roots, it is best to clean the scalp with a cleaning hair shampoo and continue utilizing the pill or tablet kind of your regrowth formula. Make certain that any hair shampoo that you utilize is entirely natural and devoid of chemicals.

This makes sure that the minerals and natural components remain in your system for prolonged durations, and for that reason work for longer time periods. This is revealed to have far better outcomes than topical options that merely get washed away or cleaned off after just a few minutes on the afflicted location.

Dealing with clogged up hair roots naturally with saw palmetto and vitamin B6 in addition to zinc oxide and biotin as active components will assist to promote the roots.

These components are understood to trigger development of roots along with assistance to unblock the follicular locations of undesirable sebum and chemicals that stunt development in time. Biotin is advised in dosages of 30 mcg minimum everyday with zinc oxide at 10 mg day-to-day.

Scalp Treatment – Effective Natural Scalp Treatment Suggestions

Do you experience any sort of scalp condition and have been looking for a scalp treatment that efficiently deals with and avoids scalp conditions? Discovering a scalp treatment for issues like itchy scalp, dandruff, scalp swellings or bumps can be challenging as you might have currently found. Many treatments are targeted at dealing with dandruff. The active ingredients utilized in lots of dandruff hair shampoos can trigger scalp inflammation resulting in itchy scalp, scalp bumps or swellings or other scalp conditions. An excellent scalp treatment on the other hand concentrate on calming different signs like itching, burning or tightness from the drying results of hair shampoo components.

A few of the active ingredients in dandruff treatments consist of lathering representatives like salt laureth sulphate or salt lauryl sulphates. These are low-cost to produce components that make hair shampoos bubble and foam offering you the impression that your hair is being cleaned up. These components strip your scalps natural oil which in turn can interrupt the ph balance and natural security of your scalp.

When you scalp is removed, it can make it simple for dandruff triggering fungal or bacterial infections or perhaps eczema type issues to appear on your scalp. Often the real components themselves can trigger an allergy consisting of red rashes or scalp sores. Hair dyes can likewise add to this issue.

Why Should You Use Eye Cream?

A great under eye cream can do much to enhance the general look of the under eye area. How to inform what works best as an eye cream? These are the actions to take:

1. Reverse lines and wrinkles

In general under eye creams will hydrate the skin under the eye, however most creams can do much more than this. They can assist to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles and gently plump the skin so the area does not look drooped and aged.

2. Functions instantly

Best Japanese eye cream will produce results almost instantly – or a minimum of rapidly enough that you can see results without waiting a month or more – and it will also offer long lasting advantage. That is, a great under eye cream will offer some anti-oxidants that assist the skin under the eye to deflect the forces that look for to age it.

3. Functions over the long term

The best eye cream will also work over months and beyond to have your skin look much healthier and even more youthful as time goes on. These results are attained through collagen stimulation and anti-oxidants to eliminate free radicals.

Not all eye creams will have the ability to make your eye area look much better while all at once assisting it to combat aging, so when you go buying an under eye cream, do some research to ensure you are getting a cream that will supply those many advantages.

Why Should You Use Eye Cream

As you can see, there are many ways your eyes can look aged and exhausted, however there is also a basic repair – an excellent under eye cream.

There are countless women getting up daily, taking a look at themselves in the mirror, and seeing just eye wrinkles rather. Alarmed and concerned, they rely on the skin care market to find a possible option to their issue. Rather, they find numerous eye creams making the same claim of making these wrinkles vanish. With a really saturated market, finding the very best eye cream that would work for you is certainly a tough venture.

A few of the items in the market in fact do not work, as many have found, however, there are many others that really work. All of it depends upon you finding the very best eye cream that will work for your skin. There are many techniques to assist you find them, however what you really require is the viewpoint of many other users, through reading eye cream evaluations.

Why one should check eye cream reviews before purchasing one

Eye cream evaluations can really assist you in finding the very best anti wrinkle eye cream for you. Every woman has different skin types, and this applies to you too. One eye cream may work for their skin, however will prove to be worthless for you. You will find this in checking out different eye cream evaluations.

Finding evaluation sites are easy. There are many individuals who look for different sites to share their experiences with the anti aging item they have attempted. Attempt learning from their experiences, and learn which eye creams will work, and which simply plain and outright do not work. From that list, you can research much deeper and find out which eye creams will deal with which skin types.

Aside from looking for efficiency, eye cream evaluations are also needed if you want to save money on money also, and who does not? Collecting enough ground as beginning point will conserve you the time and money from dissatisfactions. Contrary to what is widely practiced, finding the best eye cream is refrained from doing through experimentation. There are many others who have already done this, and have already shared their experiences through evaluations online.

Finding those evaluations is quickly available through utilizing the search engine

From there, you will find a long list of evaluations to check out, and reread ought to you ever wish to think about a real purchase. Once you collect your own experience, it would also be excellent to return the favor, and send how reliable the Best Japanese eye cream was for your skin. You might assist hundreds like you who are also on the anti wrinkle hunt.

Checking out evaluations will not just notify you of how the cream you are contending for works, however will also permit you to check out on new eye creams available in the market. It will also inform you about eye creams in general, like the very best active ingredients to try to find in an eye cream, or the bad chemicals and the negative results they have on your skin. With this info, you will prevent any more damage that might take place to your skin.


Examine to see if the eye cream you pick has more natural components in it. Think about an item like Ultimate Young or other name brands that offer items that are truly reliable for delicate skin and eyes.

How to Make Facial Hair Grow Evenly?

If you are willing to grow the thicker and longer facial hair, then there is no magic trick to make it possible in a single night and you can use the facial hair supplements for better result within few days. These hair supplements are packed with the essential vitamins where these nutrients and vitamins present in this supplement can make your facial hair healthier and stronger enough, this makes the hair to grow well. If you are looking to buy the best hair supplement for your facial hair growth then mamiesskincare product is found to be the best facial supplement for the human that helps your hair to grow evenly. The following are the some of the most common reasons that why your facial hair is not growing. They are.

  • Diet – The food items that you intake can also be the culprit that may be the reason for the improper growth of your beard. So, be sure to eat the food items that are rich in the minerals and vitamins where this will encourage the growth of your facial hair.
  • Genetics – Next thing is that it might be your genes to blame why you cannot grow your facial hair thick and full, it is a problem that might run on your blood.
  • Health conditions – Even if you have some health issues then it will limit the growth of your facial hair such as hyperthyroidism and alopecia.
  • Hormone – In all men’s body there produce a testosterone hormone, where it is level will be of higher rate and low for others especially for the men who have the baby faces.

Things which you need to look in facial hair supplements for health hair growth

There are number of facial hair supplement products are available on the market where you need to choose the best one from the market by considering the major factors and these factors mainly depends on the ingredients that are present in the facial hair supplement.

Before selecting the facial hair product just check whether the chosen mamiesskincare product that contains the vitamin A where the deficiency of this vitamin will damage your hair follicles and when you use the hair supplement product that is rich in the Vitamin A then it increases your hair growth. Next thing which you need to consider is that vitamin E where this improves the blood circulation and stimulates the hair follicles for better hair growth. Then make sure that your facial supplement contains the zinc where it is a vital thing for having healthy hair follicles, this instrumental in having a longer and thicker facial hair.

Ingredients that help grow beards

When your selected facial hair supplement contains the biotin or vitamin B7 ingredients that will help in growth of the facial hair this is because it aids in the production of keratin and improves the skin health. The collagen is a another ingredient that is present in the facial air supplement where this helps to speed up the growth of your facial hair and at the same time it also helps you to have the healthier skin on your face.

Most of the facial hair supplements come with the vegetarian and vegan formula and the best ingredients that are present in the facial supplement that encourages the growth of the facial hair. These facial hair supplements comes in the form of tablets and pills where just by using the supplements as per the direction given in the supplement box and you can use the product for getting the best results of hair growth on your face. Ask with your family doctor before starting use of this product and have a healthy life.

How to Soften Beard?

Many mans are willing to grow beard to have a manly look and the regular maintenance is so important to have a great look. At the starting stage, make sure you clean it correctly and utilizing a real beard wash will give you smoother and softer feel. Next, try practising reliable, original beard oil. Beard oils prepared with real essential functions aid soften, refresh and smooth the beard. Furthermore, the beard oil also assists hydrate the epidermis under the beard to avoid dandruff so your covering does not peel and dry out.

A few steps to get a good and soft beard

Wash your beard regularly

Wash your beard regularly

Find a solid beard shampoo at that holds as many hair-boosting elements as you can manage like B vitamins, aloe vera, and crucial oils. Quite like the fur on your head, you don’t need to rinse it too frequently lest you wipe it out.

Beard wash is composed using real ingredients and is supplemented with pure indispensable oils to provide your beard with the nurture that it merits. The beard washes benefits to clean the beard of all dirt and germs while improving the hair health to arrest hair fall and assist you to manage and have a deep and powerful beard. The wash also includes useful essences like Aloe Vera that decrease dandruff in the beard to provide you with a fresh, fashionable and beautiful beard style.

After your bath, pat wipe your beard and allow it open dry for a few minutes before preceding your routine. If you’ve noticed some extension to your beard, evade being too hairy with it so all of these remarkable hairs survive intact.

Apply beard oil

Using beard oil is best way to receive a softer beard. Not only help you to keep your beard soft and flexible, but it also assists moisturize the surface below the beard to decrease itching and likely inflammation. Real beard oils can also benefit enhance your skin colour by rebalancing your skin’s unction product and wins all around.

If you need to improve the results and achieve the beard healing method, then combine a fine beard lotion when you’ve completed with the beard oil. Beard lotion will assist trap in the oil and give an extra hike of nutrients for your whiskers to feed on. The beard lotion will be available in at an affordable rate.

Get a beard Brush

Get a beard Brush

One of the most neglected parts of having a smooth beard is the brush. If you own a long beard or hold just touched some superior beard oil/balm, it’s looking lovely scraggly.

Before you leaving the house, take your brush with you and make it in shape when you are entering in your office or any occasion.

If you’re utilizing a brush, make sure it’s a hog bristle brush which is the most useful at fairly distributing oils and retaining the hairs soft. If your whiskers are long sufficient for a comb, make sure you take a proper beard comb with wide-spread points intended to reduce harm to your beard.

Some of the products being traded by

  • Beard Oil
  • Spray
  • Beard Comb
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Beard soap
  • Others

Well-Groomed whiskers can create a life of variation in the way you see and feel. Though, most men do not understand that there are special products for your whiskers that can assist you to obtain a great and good looking beard. You must utilize beard shampoo on your whiskers to retain it squeaky fresh and exactly like the fur on your head, your beard also wants to be oiled to counteract dandruff. has a variety of beard care goods made with 100% natural elements so that there is no injury to the facial skin or hair.

Monday June 27th, 2011

Monday June 27th, 2011

We woke up in Macedonia for the last time this morning. The sky was dark, we were tired, our bags were packed; yet we couldn’t have felt any better. We had just spent 2 weeks in a foreign country, helping a family in need add a whole second story to their house; we changed lives. We were able to take 2 weeks of our summer, and spend our time getting pushed out of our comfort zones and after being launched deep into Macedonian culture we found ourselves with home in sight. We were all sad to leave, but this bittersweet moment was inevitable and now we are headed home.

We left the hostel at 3:30 am to catch our 4:30 am flight. Being such a small airport we did not need to get there hours before like a larger airport such a PDX or SeaTac. Our first flight was an hour and a half to Vienna, Austria where we had a 2.5-hour layover before heading on an hour-long flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Once here we did the only thing any reasonable, hungry, American would do… we ate a Hooters. A medley of mild, medium, hot, Daytona and 911 flavored wings fulfilled the needs of Joe, Roberto and I as MC and Jen shared soup and salad.  We finished our meal and began a new challenging adventure… find out where our hostel was and how the heck we get there.

A train or two was in our future, a short walk and a boatload of reading and attempting to interpret German maps was our task. We gained some invaluable help from the Travel Center in the airport; they helped us figure out the trains we needed to board and how to get tickets. The plan was to go to Track 1 and board the S9 train and after about 2-4 stops get off, in order to find platform 104 at Frankfurt HBF and board the S5 train. I took lead and once I got an idea of the multiple maps each with different colored trains… we found ourselves walking off the S5 train at the proper stop- now to find the hotel. As we walked towards a map to see where we were, MC exclaimed “ I see the hostel!” and sure enough, there was Meininger Hostel rising above the surrounding industrial buildings. After a 5-minute walk, we dragged our luggage through the front door, and The Sweetness helped us find our rooms; Jen, MC, and I headed up to the top floor to our three bed room that MC had booked before we left the states ( SOO  happy she did that). We didn’t know at that time we reserved the room that Joe and Berto were with us, so they got their own 2-bedroom room. A shower and a 4 hour nap was what came next as our mildly air conditioned room was dark and comfortable.

A 4-hour nap is really a wonderful thing. Haha- after 2 weeks of working and staying busy having a day to just lay down with no interruptions was exactly what we needed. After our nap, Mc, Jen, and I headed down to the lobby for some free Internet access and some ice-cold water. Our next task was to find a cheap but fulfilling place for dinner.

Some other guests had some food delivered as we were walking out to go to an ATM, so after our stroll through the developing area we received help from a worker at the front desk of our hostel to translate the menu and order food for us from Pizzeria Uno. Our food came about 45 minutes later, two salads and a large pepperoni pizza is what we ordered, but what was delivered was a little different. The salads were great but when we opened the pizza box, instead of round slices of pepperoni on our pizza, there was diced peperoncini…. Yeah- MC loved it but Jen and I picked off the big chunks. It was still a well enjoyed meal, and at this point we are all so tired and ready to come home it wasn’t a big deal what we ate. Before we were aware of this place, we considered eating some of the 17 cliff bars I had left over from Macedonia for dinner! Haha oh what a trip this has been. After we ate we continued to hang in the lobby some more, talking with each other and people from back home ( via skype), and I finished watching The Carter, a documentary about Lil Wayne- Shout out to my cousin Brian for hooking me up- Looking forward to chillin’ tomorrow night cous- we run deep!!

We finished the night by watching TV in our room, I got in a little home workout. We all passed out as soon as we hit the beds…. Tomorrow we are home:)


#NP I’m Coming Home- J Cole

#NP Homecoming- Kanye West

Tuesday June 28th, 2011

Tuesday June 28th, 2011

I got up earlier then planned this morning, by accident, but I think the reason was beyond my control. As I am sitting here on the 7Th floor of our hostel, looking out upon the city of Frankfurt, Germany as the sun slowly rises illuminating the city, I reflect on my trip. What an amazing trip it has been. Its hard to believe that three weeks ago I was in Corvallis, Oregon preparing for summer and a trip to Eastern Europe, and now I am watching a gorgeous sunrise in Germany after the most life influencing 2 weeks I have ever had. I have been in 4 countries, each with a different economic state and different in countless ways. Yet, through out my whole experience I have just concluded one simple fact- regardless of what you do, where you do it, or who you are, every day can be a good day. You can be a multi-millionaire from Europe, a baker from a small village in Macedonia, or the driver of a flashy Mercedes Taxi in Germany, or even a student athlete from Oregon State University… and no matter who you are, every day has the potential to be a good day. For some, a good day is measured my money, or material objects, and to others its how productive they are in their professional field. Some may view a good day by how many people the help or if they see their family, and some measure a good day by how many meals they are able to eat. The sun rises the same everywhere across the world. Every morning it shines its glowing orange and yellow rays across the horizon and lets us know that “ yes, here is another day- now make the most of it”. Regardless of how you measure you day, remember this:

Every day can be a good day

I’m coming home


#NP You Give Me Something- James Morrison

Sunday June 26th, 2011

Sunday June 26th, 2011

I got up this morning, my last morning in Macedonia when I would be getting up at a regular time. This was my last day in this country I have come to enjoy so much over the last 2 weeks, time has really flew by. We got up and had about 4 hours until our bus was schedule to take is back to Kumanovo, so we decided to hike up the Castle. The town of Ohrid sits at the bottom of a small mountain; we hiked up to the top through the alleyways and crooked staircases of homes and shops. The higher up we traveled, the nicer the houses became. The Castle was being rebuilt in some areas, and you could see improvements and updates had been made in the last decade. The view from the top was incredible, we got some really good pictures! After 30 minutes of taking in the sights, we headed back down through the town and found a small Gyro shop. We got some gyros for lunch to eat on the bus ride home, then headed back to the hotel to finish packing up and head back.

The bus ride home seemed much shorter than the long curvy adventure we had on the way there, apparently there are a few different ways one can go….

The gyro’s was small but hit the spot, and we stopped at a gas station for some more snacks and cold drinks. The bus ride was spent sleeping and watching half of The Dark Knight and half of the comedy Role Models, to good movies reminding me of home. We got back to Kumanovo about 6 in the evening then walked in town one last time for dinner. We went to a restaurant called Kobra, where we at in the rooftop eating section. I ordered a burger, which came out as a large patty of meat, the size of my hand, with no bun or anything! It was a solid last supper in Macedonia.

On the way back to the hotel I spent the last Dinar I had on some chocolate ad other snacks to bring home and share with family and friends, the chocolate is a little different over here but very good. Once back at the hotel we got all packed up and enjoyed a few hours of relaxing, and even got a few visits from some of the kids in the town. I have about 50 new friends on Facebook, all kids from this town, and about half wanted to play basketball or hang out so I told them to come by the hotel and say bye. I left a bunch of my OSU gear and clothes for some of the kids, it’ll probably be a little big at first, but I’m sure  they’ll grow into them.

Joe, Roberto, Mc, Jen, and I leave tomorrow morning at 4:30am for Vienna, the after a 2 hour layover we fly to Frankfurt, Germany. We’ll stay in Frankfurt for 23 hours then arrive back in the US on Tuesday at 11:30 am. I do not know what the Internet situation will be over the next couple days but I will update when I can.


#NP Let Me Take You Out- Bryan J ft Travis Porter

Saturday June 25th, 2011

Saturday June 25th, 2011

I woke up at 9:30 to a nice warm morning and got some breakfast. Half of our team was leaving so we took our time to say goodbye and send them off properly. With half of our team leaving, the fact my time here was almost over really hit me. We were leaving for Lake Ohrid in about an hour, I took the time to think about my time here and really reflect on this whole experience. This trip was one of those things that you think you know how its going to go and how you will feel and what you will experience, but now that its over… everything that I thought would happen did but in a way astronomically more than I thought…

We took a 4 hour bus ride from Kumanovo to Lake Ohrid, one of the top tourist and vacation spots in all of Macedonia. We were able to get our work done ahead of schedule, so we came down here for the weekend. The drive was really long, but it was through he countryside and a mountain range. The road hugged the mountainside and followed the natural curvature of the land. Passing large layered quarries along the way, the lush green mountains topped with a cloudy blanket were very pretty to see, when I wasn’t sleeping that is;)

Once in the city of Ohrid, we checked into our apartments- yes apartments. The guys and Dave stayed in three rooms at the Veron Villa apartments, and the girls stayed across the street at another complex. The rooms were very simple, nothing fancy… EXCEPT Hannah and Krista’s room. They somehow scored a penthouse apartment complete with full kitchen, king bed, and a living room that would make some of the restaurants and bars around envious. After everyone say everyone else’s accommodations, we all ventured out to the main walk to explore. The sun was slowly making its way down to the horizon as we walked along the boardwalk, which bordered the lake. It was a picturesque scene, with classic red and white town on right and the beautiful lake and scenery on the right, the whole scene reminded me of something you would see in a movie filmed in a Mediterranean setting.   We walked around for a few hours looking at all the stores, tourist stands and people watching.  We got some food at a restaurant right on the lake,  (descriptive food blogging coming up) and Oh MY GOODNESS! They had the best garlic butter I have ever had in my life. The whole table was in shock over how tasty it was. A little bit of this spread on the half loaf sized pieces of bread being brought out and no one was talking for about 5 minutes… it was amazing. We finished dinner and the garlic butter and headed towards the town and the main walk where the majority of the shops, stands, and people were. However, on the way we took a quick detour and got on a boat belonging to Cowboy Bobby. He was an American loving local who hung around the boardwalk all day with his simple boat offering 30 minutes rides to those passing by. The 9 of us got on his boat and took a short ride up the beach passed the town and then back again to where we started. It was only $1,000 dinar for all of us to go (that’s like $25), and we got some great pictures and a few good laughs as well.

We continued to explore the city and shops for the next couple hours and eventually found our way to a McDonalds! Now, this particular establishment only served burgers… no fries… no chicken nuggets, just burgers. We each got our fix and proceeded to hit the nightlife. We all stuck together and for the next several hours enjoyed a slew of different settings and places. We ended up at a Pizzeria for a late night meal before heading to our apartments. It was an epic night to end an epic experience.


#NP Young, Wild and Free- Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

Tomorrow is the last day of blogging from Macedonia- 🙁 man how time flies…

Well I’ll blog again within the next couple days to keep everyone updated and try to put up some more pictures as well.

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Friday cont.

OMG there is a crazy lightening and thunder storm going on right now! HUGE streaks of light streaking accross the sky and to the ground, and little pockets of white and orange  often explode up in the clouds…. its unbelievable- like something out of a movie… AMAZING finish to an AMAZING trip


#NP the sounds of thunder rumbling over the Macedonian Hill side- Mother Nature

Friday June 24th, 2011

Friday June 24th, 2011

Our last workday in Macedonia, I woke up at 8:00 and laid in bed for  about 45 minutes and reflected on my time here. Its has gone by unbelievably fast, and we have done and seen so much… its like just the other day we were meeting in Valley Football Center in a classroom to learn about some country over in Europe that almost no one had heard of. Here we are in the heart of Macedonia, building an addition to a home for a family who speaks little no English, yet we understand each other with the most universal sign of all: a smile.

We all got to the worksite today and had a slow day with smaller tasks and of course some brick moving;) We moved about 300 bricks from the ground to the roof, mixed some mortar and worked on the foundation for the brick wall that would be placed in the trench we dug over the last few days. The local contractors took today off so we were not able to work on the roof at all, plus there is a local superstition that when building a roof you must start at the beginning of the week otherwise your home will have several years of bad luck. We finished the day and our time working here by putting up the basketball hoop we made. It is made out of wood, nails, rebar, and the frame of bicycle wheel, it is a simple but pleasing thing that everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy. We took some pictures, said goodbye to the kids who were there and took one last bittersweet walk away from the home. Around 2,500 (ballpark) bricks moved, countless pounds of mortar, and buckets of sweat lost and hard work were all put into this house over the last 2 weeks and now it is over.

We returned to the hotel and relaxed for a few hours before walking into Kumanovo for dinner. We returned to the restaurant with the big burgers for another tasty meal; salads, bread, and grilled meats filled our hungry bellies. The family whose house we have been working on got dressed up and joined us for dinner, although we didn’t not converse much because the language barrier, we mutually enjoyed each others company and exchanged several smiles. After dinner, one of our Habitat for Humanity leaders, Milan, said a few words and thank you’s, followed by Taylor doing the same, I spoke on behalf of our cohort and thanked Taylor and Matt for being such great leaders and guides on this adventure- plus the AMAZING camera and video work they have done!! As we left we thanked everyone in the family for letting us come help and they thanked us. Each hug, handshake and kiss they gave us was different than any I had felt before. No words needed to be said; through their actions I could feel their gratitude and appreciation for us and what we have done with them over the last 2 weeks. True emotion came through them and it literally warmed my body, I had never felt anything like it before. Similar to this trip, this was something you cannot explain and something someone cannot understand or full appreciate until you experience it for yourself.

We headed back to the hotel, some people went out to the city to explore while others stayed at the hotel to relax. This has been an amazing journey so far, 2 weeks I will never forget and will cherish forever.


#NP Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen- Baz Luhrmann