Kevin McShane — "Watch your thoughts, they become words"

Coach Kevin and You

As a former impact player in the PAC-12 Conference for Oregon State University, I have a lot to offer aspiring young basketball players. During my time at OSU I gained experiences and the knowledge of the game from a unique perspective. Starting out as a walk on in 2008, then being named Team Captain as a Sophomore walk on, and finishing up my career as a scholarship player and three time team captain, I know what it takes mentally and physically to reach your goals and make your dreams a reality. I know because I DID IT!

And now I want to help any young players who have dreams like I did. I am offering my services as a personal coach and/or basketball mentor. I already have this friendship established with a few young players I have met through various camps I have coached and worked. If you want to work hard and develop your skills as a basketball player, and want me to help you- please contact me! I love helping young players, and even teams or various basketball camps. I want to help young players develop and reach their goals.. who knows… YOU could be the next player to reach YOUR Dreams!

Players, coaches, parents: if you want me to work with you or someone you know, you may use any of the contact information below to reach me. Email is best but all are working and sent directly to my phone.