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Monday June 27th, 2011

Monday June 27th, 2011

We woke up in Macedonia for the last time this morning. The sky was dark, we were tired, our bags were packed; yet we couldn’t have felt any better. We had just spent 2 weeks in a foreign country, helping a family in need add a whole second story to their house; we changed lives. We were able to take 2 weeks of our summer, and spend our time getting pushed out of our comfort zones and after being launched deep into Macedonian culture we found ourselves with home in sight. We were all sad to leave, but this bittersweet moment was inevitable and now we are headed home.

We left the hostel at 3:30 am to catch our 4:30 am flight. Being such a small airport we did not need to get there hours before like a larger airport such a PDX or SeaTac. Our first flight was an hour and a half to Vienna, Austria where we had a 2.5-hour layover before heading on an hour-long flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Once here we did the only thing any reasonable, hungry, American would do… we ate a Hooters. A medley of mild, medium, hot, Daytona and 911 flavored wings fulfilled the needs of Joe, Roberto and I as MC and Jen shared soup and salad.  We finished our meal and began a new challenging adventure… find out where our hostel was and how the heck we get there.

A train or two was in our future, a short walk and a boatload of reading and attempting to interpret German maps was our task. We gained some invaluable help from the Travel Center in the airport; they helped us figure out the trains we needed to board and how to get tickets. The plan was to go to Track 1 and board the S9 train and after about 2-4 stops get off, in order to find platform 104 at Frankfurt HBF and board the S5 train. I took lead and once I got an idea of the multiple maps each with different colored trains… we found ourselves walking off the S5 train at the proper stop- now to find the hotel. As we walked towards a map to see where we were, MC exclaimed “ I see the hostel!” and sure enough, there was Meininger Hostel rising above the surrounding industrial buildings. After a 5-minute walk, we dragged our luggage through the front door, and The Sweetness helped us find our rooms; Jen, MC, and I headed up to the top floor to our three bed room that MC had booked before we left the states ( SOO  happy she did that). We didn’t know at that time we reserved the room that Joe and Berto were with us, so they got their own 2-bedroom room. A shower and a 4 hour nap was what came next as our mildly air conditioned room was dark and comfortable.

A 4-hour nap is really a wonderful thing. Haha- after 2 weeks of working and staying busy having a day to just lay down with no interruptions was exactly what we needed. After our nap, Mc, Jen, and I headed down to the lobby for some free Internet access and some ice-cold water. Our next task was to find a cheap but fulfilling place for dinner.

Some other guests had some food delivered as we were walking out to go to an ATM, so after our stroll through the developing area we received help from a worker at the front desk of our hostel to translate the menu and order food for us from Pizzeria Uno. Our food came about 45 minutes later, two salads and a large pepperoni pizza is what we ordered, but what was delivered was a little different. The salads were great but when we opened the pizza box, instead of round slices of pepperoni on our pizza, there was diced peperoncini…. Yeah- MC loved it but Jen and I picked off the big chunks. It was still a well enjoyed meal, and at this point we are all so tired and ready to come home it wasn’t a big deal what we ate. Before we were aware of this place, we considered eating some of the 17 cliff bars I had left over from Macedonia for dinner! Haha oh what a trip this has been. After we ate we continued to hang in the lobby some more, talking with each other and people from back home ( via skype), and I finished watching The Carter, a documentary about Lil Wayne- Shout out to my cousin Brian for hooking me up- Looking forward to chillin’ tomorrow night cous- we run deep!!

We finished the night by watching TV in our room, I got in a little home workout. We all passed out as soon as we hit the beds…. Tomorrow we are home:)


#NP I’m Coming Home- J Cole

#NP Homecoming- Kanye West