Kevin McShane — "Watch your thoughts, they become words"

OSU Media

    Welcome to my video sharing page. On this page you will find videos of my teammates and I during my time at Oregon State and specifically my Senior year. There are videos about the team on the court, off the court, our infamous Funny Commercials from the Other Side Talent Show,  as well as the two rap songs I wrote and recorded for our team for my junior and senior year. Please take your time and enjoy this compilation of entertaining videos!!

Below is the full version of the Intro video for our team from my Senior Season:

During my senior season, Quarter 4 Sports brought there creative and professional film abilities to capture the team and our personalities off the court to show Beaver Nation.

 A interview of Jared Cunningham and I talking about the Civil War games during my senior season:

At Media Day at the beginning of the my senior season I sat down with the local news station about the team and the upcoming year.

In order to get fans excited for the season, the Oregon State Athletic department and marketing people worked with me to film a video. A Day in the Life of Kevin McShane was the final product, below is that video/

My junior and senior year I took a few hours at the end of the year to remake a popular rap song and customize it to our team. In no way shape or form to a fashion my sense as a rapper haha, just a fun project I did for the team. Go Beavs!!

Every year at Oregon State the student athletes put on a talent show called The Other Side talent show. During my sophmore and junior year I was the videographer and co- producer of our act. We remade some popular and funny commercials to fit us and Oregon State, below are our commercials. Enjoy!