Saturday June 18th, 2011

Saturday June 18th, 2011

          Well, everyone woke up this morning tired from last night and the full week of work, but everyone was excited for our first full day off our usual worksite. Today we were headed to the town of Veles, Macedonia, which is just over an hour drive from our hotel in Kumanovo. On the way the bus driver found some American radio station and we hard some serious classics like In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins and Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff. At one point we were lost in what appeared to be a Macedonian ghetto with projects and dirty streets and… well it was just a shady area… lol. Once we got to Veles, and the Habitat for Humanity site, we got a tour of the area and the 5-year project, which is about halfway completed. The apartments were pretty nice and constructed with some “green” materials, that plus the government and property management makes this a prime spot to live for families in the area. We split into groups for various tasks, Roberto, Joe, Howard, Kristen and I had the task of painting the inside of an apartment. The paint was literally the same consistency as and resembled skim milk! But we used our rollers and brushes to milk the walls, and boy did we do a good job!

         When the work was done, we walked down the hill to the Habitat for Humanity building/ base station for a Barbeque. Some local families and families who were moving into the houses were there; they cooked for all of us as a thank you for coming and helping them:)  The BBQ included a homemade tomato, onion, cucumber salad (delicious), and a smorgasbord of grilled meats including beef/pork patties and sausages and chicken (also delicious). Although it was really tasty and very much enjoyed, there was an abundance of meat that was cooked up, I felt kind of bad we could not eat anymore- but seriously we were all stuffed and couldn’t think about ANY food!!

         At the BBQ was a family, with each member being an extremely talented artist. The son Stefan, (12), actually drew some pictures for us after his older sister showed us some of his paintings on her phone. He redrew on of his favorites in about 30 minutes than drew the old school OSU Beaver logo that has been proudly visible on the front of my hat. OH MY GOODNESS.. this kid is could be world wide famous someday! I kept both drawrings he did and have plans to frame and hang them up in my house back in Corvallis.

         After dinner we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up and head to dinner, we went to a place called Petopah YapAack. A second story restaurant in the middle of Veles, with American subtitled menus. We were able to order whatever we wanted, with this privilege at hand, I ordered a Greek salad, toasted cheese, and a chicken steak with white rice and French fries… oh my gosh so BOMB! I’m sure it appears that I talk about food a lot on here but I love food and some of the stuff we are eating over here is just so tasty! We finished up a great dinner and as we were leaving our waiter told us to walk over and check out this new summer place that just open called Havana. Supposedly it was THE place to go in the summer and it just opened up yesterday. We took his advice and even though our directions were pretty sketchy to say the least, we found our way there. It was like a scene out of a Vegas nightclub. A huge pool with islands and a bridge to the islands, two-story club like area overlooking the pool… it was crazy. When we got there we were like the only people there so we just hung out for about an hour, then all of a sudden people just started pouring in and we found ourselves in the middle of a Macedonian club getting looks from everyone! Haha but despite the looks from everyone, we had a great time! No one over here dances but that didn’t stop us…. Oh no there was about 15 of us and we started a dancing area near the stage where the live saxophone player was jamming TO the techno/house music pulsating through out the place. At one point the music died down for a second so I started an “ OOOOO…SSSSS…UUU Oregon state fight fight fight” chant and all of us started doing it. Hahaha it was AWESOME!! It was a great night and the perfect way to send Dom back home. He had to go home to make it back in time for a summer school class. He is greatly missed already- Dom if your reading this… “ Ol’ poured cement all day bricks- not the same without you here bricks… everyone misses you bricks… jealous your eating American food BRICKS!!”

         After Havana, we made it back to our hotel and went straight to sleep! Haha

I will post Sunday’s blog tomorrow and possible some more pics!


 #NP Barefoot Blue Jean Night- Jake Owens


I thought I should put a map on here and let everyone know exactly where we are right now. We are staying in a town called Kumanovo which is north east of the Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. We have traveled to a few other cities from 20 minutes to an hour and a half long drives. Just wanted to give a map of where we were:)

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Talk to you soon!


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