Saturday June 25th, 2011

Saturday June 25th, 2011

I woke up at 9:30 to a nice warm morning and got some breakfast. Half of our team was leaving so we took our time to say goodbye and send them off properly. With half of our team leaving, the fact my time here was almost over really hit me. We were leaving for Lake Ohrid in about an hour, I took the time to think about my time here and really reflect on this whole experience. This trip was one of those things that you think you know how its going to go and how you will feel and what you will experience, but now that its over… everything that I thought would happen did but in a way astronomically more than I thought…

We took a 4 hour bus ride from Kumanovo to Lake Ohrid, one of the top tourist and vacation spots in all of Macedonia. We were able to get our work done ahead of schedule, so we came down here for the weekend. The drive was really long, but it was through he countryside and a mountain range. The road hugged the mountainside and followed the natural curvature of the land. Passing large layered quarries along the way, the lush green mountains topped with a cloudy blanket were very pretty to see, when I wasn’t sleeping that is;)

Once in the city of Ohrid, we checked into our apartments- yes apartments. The guys and Dave stayed in three rooms at the Veron Villa apartments, and the girls stayed across the street at another complex. The rooms were very simple, nothing fancy… EXCEPT Hannah and Krista’s room. They somehow scored a penthouse apartment complete with full kitchen, king bed, and a living room that would make some of the restaurants and bars around envious. After everyone say everyone else’s accommodations, we all ventured out to the main walk to explore. The sun was slowly making its way down to the horizon as we walked along the boardwalk, which bordered the lake. It was a picturesque scene, with classic red and white town on right and the beautiful lake and scenery on the right, the whole scene reminded me of something you would see in a movie filmed in a Mediterranean setting.   We walked around for a few hours looking at all the stores, tourist stands and people watching.  We got some food at a restaurant right on the lake,  (descriptive food blogging coming up) and Oh MY GOODNESS! They had the best garlic butter I have ever had in my life. The whole table was in shock over how tasty it was. A little bit of this spread on the half loaf sized pieces of bread being brought out and no one was talking for about 5 minutes… it was amazing. We finished dinner and the garlic butter and headed towards the town and the main walk where the majority of the shops, stands, and people were. However, on the way we took a quick detour and got on a boat belonging to Cowboy Bobby. He was an American loving local who hung around the boardwalk all day with his simple boat offering 30 minutes rides to those passing by. The 9 of us got on his boat and took a short ride up the beach passed the town and then back again to where we started. It was only $1,000 dinar for all of us to go (that’s like $25), and we got some great pictures and a few good laughs as well.

We continued to explore the city and shops for the next couple hours and eventually found our way to a McDonalds! Now, this particular establishment only served burgers… no fries… no chicken nuggets, just burgers. We each got our fix and proceeded to hit the nightlife. We all stuck together and for the next several hours enjoyed a slew of different settings and places. We ended up at a Pizzeria for a late night meal before heading to our apartments. It was an epic night to end an epic experience.


#NP Young, Wild and Free- Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

Tomorrow is the last day of blogging from Macedonia- 🙁 man how time flies…

Well I’ll blog again within the next couple days to keep everyone updated and try to put up some more pictures as well.

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Friday cont.

OMG there is a crazy lightening and thunder storm going on right now! HUGE streaks of light streaking accross the sky and to the ground, and little pockets of white and orange  often explode up in the clouds…. its unbelievable- like something out of a movie… AMAZING finish to an AMAZING trip


#NP the sounds of thunder rumbling over the Macedonian Hill side- Mother Nature