Tuesday June 21st, 2011

Tuesday June 21st, 2011

I woke up at 9am had the same breakfast, packed up my stuff and headed to the worksite. Once there we had to wait about an hour for a lift to be set up. The goal today was to finish the 2nd story ceiling, in order to do this we would have to mix and move about 100 wheelbarrows of motor to be spread across the ribs and bricks on the 2nd story. Instead of carrying up all that mortar by hand in buckets,  we would fill wheelbarrows with the mortar then they would be lifted to the 2nd story and poured out then brought back down using the same life. At first glance this lift looked a little iffy, but it worked well all day and only one wheelbarrow of mortar was lost. About half way through our workday I went with Matt to film my daily journal. Every day one of us shoots a short video about something that happened that day, it’s a pretty cool and entertaining way to keep everyone back home up to date with short clips about our time here.

After I finished my daily journal and the work was almost done, Garret, Joe, Roberto and I went into town with Milan looking for ankle braces/ shoes for the basketball game we were playing the next day. Unfortunately we were unable to find much, Joe and I have size 18 and 15 shoe and were later told there are no shoes that big in Kumanovo! We went home with a pair of ankle braces, but despite the lack of shoes, it was a fun trip into the town.

We got back to the hotel about 4:45 and relaxed for about 20 minutes before we headed to the school to play some basketball. A guy named Tyzee came to our worksite today, his friend has been helping us on the house and told Tyzee we played basketball. He is a local Hip Hop/Reggae recording artist who also played basketball over here for a few years. He and some of his friends and Joe, Roberto, Ryan, Howard, Garret and myself played some 5 on 5. It was nothing serious… just some fun pick up, but man it felt great to get up and down the floor! It was fun to play some ball in an indoor gym and feel the rhythm of the game.

After 2 hours of hoopin, we headed back to the hotel and showered up for dinner we had been anxiously anticipating al day. We were headed to PomOdoro, a pizzeria that was owned by a man who was a cook at an American Army base in Djibouti, Africa- finally a chance to eat some real pizza! The menu was very extensive and the owner was extremely friendly. I ended up ordering the breaded cheese (a new favorite of mine over here), Chicken tenders, a Caesar salad and a delicious pepperoni pizza with real tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. I don’t want to sound like a broken record here but… wow another delicious meal!!

Today is a shorter blog day..

Talk to you soon


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